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Panic -- Network Support for Low-Latency Distributed Applications

Many protocols for distributed applications, for example distributed shared memory, group communication, or kerberos-style security mechanisms, incur most of their large latencies at the network-host boundary. We are currently studying the feasibility of dynamically loading portions of the high-level protocols into the network infrastructure. This approach has similar goals, but is diametrically opposed to user-level network interfaces by providing network-level application protocols. Panic (Protocols Aboard Network Interface Cards) provides a distributed virtual machine on Myrinet network interface cards and a protocol composition and execution environment to safely execute application-level protocols therein, with substantial performance improvements over host-based protocols.


C. Beauduy and R. Bettati, "Protocols Aboard Network Interface Cards." Proceedigns of the IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems. Cambridge, MA,November 1999.
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