SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS extras

This page holds my prior versions of SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS, for archival purposes, and some extras that are not in the SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS distribution. The primary releases of GraphBLAS appear in SuiteSparse. The latest stable release is part of SuiteSparse.

In progress: ExactKronGen4.tar.gz

This package is a simple program for contrusting a huge Kronecker product. It is intended for use in an MPI application, or as a stand-alone program that can be run independently on a large number of distributed-memory nodes. I plan on adding a top-level MPI wrapper, but it can also be used as-is. Just run the program on a large number of nodes, each with access to the same input files. Each node program is given its process ID and the total number of processes, and it creates its part of the Kronecker product and writes its submatrix to a local file. Older version: kron.tar.gz:

For the IEEE HPEC18 conference:

I wrote two packages for triangle counting (HPEC18/tri.tar.gz) and k-truss (HPEC18/ktruss.tar.gz). The algorithms in these two packages use GraphBLAS, and are also written in pure C, without GraphBLAS. My HPEC'18 paper submission is here: HPEC18/Davis_HPEC18.pdf