SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS extras

This page holds my prior versions of SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS, for archival purposes, and some extras that are not in the SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS distribution. The primary releases of GraphBLAS appear in SuiteSparse. The latest stable release is part of SuiteSparse.

Massively-parallel Kronecker product computation: ExactKronGen5.tar.gz

This package is a simple program for contrusting a huge Kronecker product in parallel. It includes a top-level MPI-based program. It also includes a simple function (kron_submatrix) that can be used inside a larger MPI application, to run on a single MPI process or also without MPI at all. The function computes a submatrix of a larger Kronecker product and writes its submatrix to a uniquely-named file. Concatenating all such files together gives the resulting Kronecker product. The package uses GxB_kron in SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS.

For the IEEE HPEC18 conference:

I wrote two packages for triangle counting (HPEC18/tri.tar.gz) and k-truss (HPEC18/ktruss.tar.gz). The algorithms in these two packages use GraphBLAS, and are also written in pure C, without GraphBLAS. My HPEC'18 paper submission is here: HPEC18/Davis_HPEC18.pdf