Spring 2017


csce 435 -- parallel computing

Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:55pm to 5:10pm, in 302 RICH.

Office hours to be determined.

Links and other resources:

  1. csce435_Spring2017_syllabus_Davis.pdf (PDF).  Last updated Dec 27, 2016.

  2. about the instructor:

  3. College of Engineering faculty web page

  4. Computer Science and Engineering faculty web page 

  5. Parasol lab web page

  6. my research page on parallel and GPU computing for sparse matrix computations

  7. More details on the course are posted on Piazza, including online discussion, lecture notes, announcements, resources such as software documentation, homework assignments and solutions, and more.  We will be using Piazza extensively.  Please use Piazza to communicate with me instead of email (it will be faster).  I enrolled the whole class via Howdy, but if you’d like to use another email for Piazza just let me know.

  8. eCampus will be used solely for posting grades.