This applet is my Tandy Color Computer emulator, still under development. It's hopefully running in your browser underneath all this text. You can type in commands in BASIC. I had to guess on the colors and the 6847 emulation is very incomplete. PMODE 4 and 32-column text are supported. The ROMs and architecture simulate a CoCo 3. The only supported text font is from a CoCo 2.

You might have to click on the CoCo screen to enable typing. Yeah, it's buggy and could probably be a lot better. I'm using this project to teach myself Java and have fun.

There is floppy in the CoCo's disk drive that contains three files:

To run the compiled Lisp interpreter, enter the following:


To load FACT.LSP, display the function, find the factorial of 5, and exit, enter the following from the LISP> prompt:

(FACT 5)

The Java console shows every character that has gone through the CoCo's "character out" routine, so if you want a copy of something you did in the emulator, you should be able to type commands in the CoCo to list your program or whatever, open the Java console, and then cut-and-paste from there.

This page was last updated August 25, 2008.

Daniel A. Jiménez