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CSCE 222: Discrete Structures for Computing

Course Description This course teaches fundamental tools, ideas, and principles underlying the field of computer science. The class trains students to rigorously formulate and solve problems relevant to all areas of computer science. It challenges students to develop their general reasoning ability.

The course will include topics such as: logic and proofs; sets, functions, relations, sequences and summations; counting; fundamentals of the analysis of algorithms; proof techniques; recursion; finite state machines; pushdown automata; computability and undecidability.
Location ETB 2005
Time MWF 11:30am - 12:20pm
Instructor Philip C. Ritchey
Office: HRBB 326
Office Hours: MR 2pm - 4pm and by appointment
Teaching Assistant Jan Dufek
Email: dufek@tamu.edu
Office: RDMC 021
Office Hours: T 4pm - 5pm, F 12:45pm - 1:45pm, and by appointment
Sunday Q&A Sundays 3pm - 5pm in HRBB 113/124/126.
Peer Teachers The website containing the office hours for the peer teachers is http://engineering.tamu.edu/cse/academics/peer-teachers/current-peer-teachers
LaTeX Homework must be typeset using LaTeX.
See Dr. Lee's slides for details.
Please check on this webpage for downloading LaTex and getting started with it.
(The Not So Short) Introduction to LaTex
Short Math Guide for LaTex (for reference)
Comprehensive LaTex Symbol List (for reference)