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CSCE 489: Special Topics in Software Security

Course Description Defects in software are sources of vulnerabilities, which in turn are the avenues used by attackers to create and deploy exploits against software. Software defects occur along a continuum between the implementation-level and the design-level. Implementation defects, or bugs, are errors in the source code of software that can result in undefined or incorrect behavior. Design defects, or flaws, are errors in the architecture of software. Software with a flaw will have vulnerabilities even when it is implemented exactly as designed.

This course covers basic principles of design and implementation of defect-free software, code reviews including tool-assisted review by static and dynamic analysis, risk analysis and management, and methods for software security testing.
Location HRBB 105
Time [501] MWF 10:20am - 11:10am
Instructor Philip C. Ritchey
Email: p c r at tamu dot edu
Office: HRBB 326
Office Hours: MWF 8am - 9am, MW 4pm - 6pm, and by appointment
\(\LaTeX\) Homework must be typed. \(\LaTeX\) or \(\TeX\) is strongly preferred.
Version Control Use of a cloud-based version control system is strongly encouraged.
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